Troubadour-Mentoring for creatives

April 9th, 2018


Yours truly, along with a select few colleagues, has formed a mentoring
company, Troubadour-Mentoring. Services include: scriptwriting tutoring, mentoring and editing, ProTools mentoring and songwriting help and we also offer a one-day scriptwriting workshop.

We aren’t really interested in helping seasoned professionals that are already doing quite well. This is because they are seasoned professionals doing quite well and we’re all jealous!
We really want to help novices. Whether, your scriptwriter, sound designer or scriptwriter – when you’re first starting out, things can be intimdating and it’s hard to figure things out all by your lonesome.
Most of our services can be accessed from anywhere in the world but our one-day scriptwriting workshop happens in Vancouver.

Curious to learn more? Did I mention our rates are very reasonable and our staff are brilliant ad easy going? – the perfect mix for a mentor.
Here is the link to get started:


My short horror film ” Draize “.

April 1st, 2018

Short horror film Draize

Draize horror film
Very exciting times as my short horror film proposal for  ” Draize ” has been entered into the Telus Storyhive Digital Shorts competition. If I’m successful I stand to gain a $ 10000 grant to Produce my film project.

Draize logline:

The old adage, ” always read the fine print!” has never rung more true when a cosmetic focus groupis introduced to animal testing. “

Voting for film project begins April 03 noon pacific time and closes April 06 at midnight. If you would like to support my project by voting please do and you can vote for ” Draize ” once a day.

Just type in ‘ Draize ” and vote.

My 60 second video pitch:

My extended storyline pitch:

New Site Coming Soon

July 17th, 2017

To keep informed:
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The Zeppelin Project

April 27th, 2017

The Zeppelin Project

Please follow the link to the project page where you can get acquainted with the Zeppelin music video project and where you can vote. You may vote every day for the duration of the campaign and please do.


Zeppelin Music Video Voting Day 2

April 25th, 2017

You can vote for Zeppelin the music video anywhere in the world and it’s so easy – it only takes 30 seconds.

Here’s the easy 30 second voting link….

And here is the fun and entertaining video for Day 2…

Thanks for voting and come back here again tomorrow for another video.