October – you is so crazy!!!!

November 14th, 2011

Yes I know it’s the middle of November but that”s just how crazy October was! I’m just able to update this site now.
I was working on ” Vancouver Plays ” which was a series of 4 plays back to back and I was the composer, sound designer and audio consultant. The series took place at CBC studio 700 and the design team basically took the cement box which is studio 700 and built our studio inside. Quite a feat especially since we only had a few days in the studio before the first performance. I was in charge of sourcing all the audio gear we would need and stay on budget. The series was great and one of the best teams I have ever worked with. And I mean everyone including designers, actors, director stage and Pi management and volunteers. A smooth creative machine!!! As for renting and working in studio 700 at the CBC – well I really have nothing good to say about that experience and my professionalism prevents me from going into detail but I would love to rant over a beer!!!!!
Anyway, now I am just wrapping up the editing and producing of the series podcast that will be uploaded to the Pi website for your listening pleasure. Richard Wolfe and I are producing and they sound pretty good – you’ll get a feel for the live performance.
In other news, I have updated this website and among the new goods are the video installations I did for the Rainforest Circus this past summer.



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