Burqa Success

May 14th, 2012

Last week’s premiere of ” The Story of Burqa ” was a resounding success. The 700 seat Granville 7 sold out and at least 75 % of the audience stayed for the Q & A. The film was such a success that a second screening was added sunday. Lots of positive comments and it has really generated a media and audience buzz. More Q & A for me this week as the director and I have been invited to Emily Carr University to discuss the film with film program students. Should be fun.
And in other news, I’m still writing the Bravofact proposal for a short animation. writing the new script for a 30 minute doc and writing a feature film comedy.
Oh yes and just got word that I will be the sound designer and audio consultant on ” Fiddler on the Roof ” this fall at the Gateway theatre.
More news when it happens. Hope you have a great week.

tick tock

May 7th, 2012

Three days until ” The Story of Burqa ” premieres at the Doxa Film Festival. Very exciting times and the director Brishkay Ahmed has asked me to be in the Q and A after the screening. And being the fame whore that I am I quickly said yes!! Lots and lots of media interest and buzz and put up any relevant links when they arise.
Just finished going over ” Interface ” my latest feature film script for any spelling and formatting errors and she is good to go. Now where did I put Cronenberg’s card?
I’ve also been writing some music on my own just for the pleasure of it and as a friend said – it has a Sigor Ros feel to it. I agree and why the hell not. They are the most original and talented creatives coming out of Iceland these days and they are heads above of most of the shite that passes for popular music these days. But I’m not subjective about these things. Right then – off I go.


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