Can I get more Angel in my monitor?

September 27th, 2012

I don’t know about you but I have a thing for Angels. Some say there is an Angel for everything, some dance on the head of a pin and one of them is standing behind you right now with his/her hand on your shoulder.
I think my favorite depiction of said Angels is in Wim Wenders “ Wings of Desire “ . It seems to be the norm that Angels cannot directly affect our behaviour. However they can influence what we do in subtle ways – like the wind opening a book to a certain page or using your own internal voice to tell you to step back from the curb as a bus screams by.
You are probably wondering what this has got to do with an audio blog about the esoteric and odd? Simple – there is an audio connection.
Have you ever wondered what Angels sound like when they sing? There are all kinds of religious references from the blaring of trumpets to the indescribable.
One would think with so many people claiming to have seen and heard Angels that they would have been caught on videotape or audiotape by now. Surprisingly, to me at least, there isn’t much out there.
I did some research on claims that Angels were recorded during live musical performances and that the Angels usually sang back-up vocals and harmony. Funny that they’ve never been recorded shredding on guitar or putting Neil Peart to shame on the drums!
The most frequently referenced occurrence is Jason Upton singing “ Fly “ live.

This is a whopping 8:49 minutes long and if you’re not in the “ got God “ crowd then you might find it excruciating. No offence to the “ got God “ crowd, by the way, but as a musician – this is a long drawn out musical ramble that doesn’t have much structure. Anyway, I digress. Jason is an American Christian singer songwriter who creates Christian worship songs inspired by folk music. The person who posted this video claims that Angels can be heard singing in the background.
I listened to the entire 8:49 and I’m sad to say that the supposed “ Angels singing in the background “ is nothing more than a vocal processing unit and a vocal harmonizer – probably triggered by Jason’s mic.
It’s not that I am a skeptic. I believe and want to believe in things like this but so far I haven’t found any evidence. Or have I?
If things haven’t been odd enough for you so far – well now I’ll raise the bar.
Have you heard of channeling? This is when a person allows a non-physical entity to use his or her body to speak. The host person is aware of what’s being said and going on and doesn’t relinquish control to the entity but just allows the entity to come through and speak. What if there was a channel who let entities come through to sing?
This is the Archangel Raphael singing through Tom Kenyon live. It’s a long piece but well worth it – quite beautiful. Skeptically speaking, I cannot verify that this is really an Angel singing. However, it’s certainly more plausible than the Jason Upton example in that it’s just Tom Kenyon and Raphael and they are the focus of the performance. In my gut, I feel this is legit and the performance is both unworldly and moving. Let me know what you think?

A Slow Month

September 25th, 2012

OK , it’s not that bad! Lol
The dust has settled somewhat and I am now accepting new projects – so give me a shout.

Crop Circles and Sound

September 19th, 2012

In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God.
John 1.1

The word in this case is sound – the very first creation. Hindus believe that as creation began, the divine, all-encompassing consciousness took the form of the first and original vibration manifesting as the sound “OM”.
The study of wave phenomena and vibration is called Cymatics.
Hans Jenny (1904-1972), the father of Cymatics was able to animate quartz powders and liquids into simple and complex shapes using audible sound waves. The lower frequencies resulted in simpler shapes and the higher frequencies produced more complex results. But enough text, I want to show you film that illustrates what I’m talking about. This is so cool… A recording of the sound Om chanted in the great pyramid and then played back through a speaker that vibrates a diaphragm covered inn powder (carbon I believe).

Did you notice anything familiar about the patterns that were created? You are absolutely right – they look like freakin crop circles!!! The “ om “ patterns were quite simple but take a look of this great series of photographs.

So who or what is creating the sound that creates the crop circle. I guess we can rule out the two old geezers in Britain with their crop circle-making plank. Here’s something to ponder though. If the cymatic patterns you have just seen were created with powders and liquids lying on a diaphragm that was excited or vibrated from below then the sound frequency creating crop circles must originate from inside the earth.
I’ll leave you with that.

unexplained Global noises

September 13th, 2012

You may or may not have been following all the unexplained noises
occurring with more and more frequency all over the world. The sounds don’t seem to have an obvious point of origin and are described as coming from the sky or deep underground. Some people have the described the sounds as sound effects from a creepy horror movie, moaning, the gates of hell opening (my favorite) or the sound Sasquatch makes. Curious? Here is one of the better examples in terms of sound quality…

So what is going on?
I did my research homework, and lo and behold, a Vancouver colleague of mine, Richard Dolmat, was asked by CTV to come up with an answer.
And here are the results…
I think he did a great job and his results seem logical. Whoever is perpetrating the hoax has an hilarious sense of humour – no it’s not me though I wish I’d thought of it.
However, this can’t explain all the noises and thank goodness too because I hate when science tries to explain everything away. Mystery is the spice of life.
Is it demonic, shamanic, subsonic, pentatonic? OK that’s all the words I could come up with that rhyme. Is it noises from storms or catastrophes from other worlds finally making it to our ears? Is it aliens? Is it Haarp? Is it Gaia moaning in agony?
What do you think?

and a one and a two…oh my God – I made a mess!

September 5th, 2012

photo from Discovery Channel

the brown noise aka the disco dump

When I was studying audio engineering at Columbia Academy way back in 1999, I remember being told about the brown noise or the brown note by an instructor that I admired. Apparently the brown noise is an audio frequency that causes the bowels to release, resulting in involuntary defecation.
I remember thinking, hey that would be a cool thing to know and wondered what frequency was used? Just think of the fun one could have!!!!

Anyway I started looking around for the evidence. Rumors abound, about the frequency and some say scientists first discovered it in WW2 and others claim that it happens at rock concerts all the time. There is even an episode of South Park where an entire concert audience crap their pants when the note is played. Just in case you are wondering the consensus is that the frequency is 92 cents below E flat which is approx. 19 Hz.

Here is a short clip from MythBusters you might find interesting where the team
try and get things flowing:

Alas dear readers, there does not seem to be one shred of proof about this noise.
Surely the police and military would have changed the name of the black block into the brown block by now – if it were possible. And surely we would have heard of lawsuits and crying young men and women claiming that, “ rock music really is the music of Satan and the proof is in my pants!!!

Until next time.


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