Devil in the Details Part 3: Illuminati Symbols in Music

May 29th, 2013

In the final part of this series, I would like to touch on satanic and illuminati symbolism in modern music. In parts one and two I looked at selling ones soul to the devil for fame and fortune and mind control of celebrities. Today’s blog will bring them all together with lots of visual images to support the widespread believe that modern music is controlled by the illuminati and that many famous singers are either pawns or big players that can be recognized by symbolism in their videos and hand signs they make in public.

Hand sign one:

Mano Cornuto

“ a sign of recognition between and allegiance of Lucifer’s servants”. – The Satanic Bible

Not to be confused with:
color page, sign language i love you hand

“ I love you “ from American, sign language.

It’s all in the details and the thumb makes the difference to Bono and Jay Z.

Hand sign two:

666 – note the circle and three fingers:

Hand sign three:

Illuminati eye gesture
Usually one or the other eye is covered by the hand, hair or is in dark shadow. Apparently which eye is covered makes a big difference in terms of where you sit in the illuminati hierarchy. One eye means you have been forced into it and are showing your subservience and the other means you like being illuminated and all the spoils that go with it and you actively want to recruit more people. This may also be related to which hemisphere of the brain was washed so to speak. Covered right eyes are common with performers who claim to have alter egos.
Circling the eye is also a symbol of the Illuminati and if I had to hazard a guess I would think that the artist is revealing that they know they are under the influence or that they are one of the recruiters.


Hand sign four:

The all-seeing eye

This is the symbol on the American one-dollar bill and is most often associated with freemasonry. This symbol is used by Jay –Z who claims it’s a salute to his record company Roc-A-Fella-Records and represents a diamond.

beyonce superbowl diamond hand signimages-1

Either way, check this out…


Nope, no brainwashing going on here!!!

As you can see, I’ve only included a few shots of each symbol just to give you an idea. There are literally 100’s of photos out there and you can see for yourself. Seems like a strange coincidence that all of these different performers use the same hand signs over and over again whether they are photographed on the street, in concert or in a music video. I’m not saying they are illuminati and I’m not saying they aren’t. You can make up your own mind. I will leave you with a few more shots featuring the monarch butterfly, which as you recall was what the mind control program MK-ULTRA was renamed. Enjoy.


I know, I know – Beyonce again!


That’s Carrie Underwood and that’s a lot of Monarch Butterflies.


Katy Perry on the MTV awards.

Devil in the Details Part 2: Alter Egos

May 23rd, 2013

The Devil in the Details Part 2 : Alter Egos


Last week I spoke about selling one’s soul to the Devil for fame and fortune and a few of the celebrities that have openly admitted doing so.
This week I want to look at alter egos and the change in performers from sugar sweet and pure to dark negative entities. A picture is worth a thousand words so here is a short video of some famous faces as they change from one to the other.

Here’s a short list of some performers and their alter egos:
Britney Spears = Mona Lisa
Mariah Carey = Mimi
Madonna = Esther
Janet Jackson = Damita Jo
Eminem = Slim Shady
Andre 3000 = Johnny Vulture
Beyonce = Sasha Fierce
Lady Gaga = Joe Calderone
Miley Cyrus = Miley Stewart = Hannah Montana
Garth Brooks = Chris Gaines
Nicki Minaj = Harajuku Barbie = Roman Zolanski
Joni Mitchell = Art Nouveau
Justin Bieber =Shawty Mane
Bono = The Fly = MacPhisto = Mirror Ball Man
Brian Warner = Marilyn Manson
Caleb Followill = Rooster
Shakira = She-Wolf
Christina Aguilera = Xtina
Hank Williams = Luke the Drifter

It’s easy to explain away the alter ego’s as a trend. However, you’ll notice that I’ve included performers that had alter egos before this could be considered a trend, Hank Williams and Joni Mitchell for example.

Let me assume for a moment that this is not a trend but a result of some kind of trauma and or external control. Think about Pink Floyd’s “ The Wall “. The main character, totally controlled by drugs and handlers, becomes the neo Nazi “ Pink “ and looses himself in a fantasy world created in his own mind. This was a recurring theme with the band and listen to “ Welcome to the Machine “ if you don’t believe me.

We’ve all heard or experienced first hand just how drugs can influence and ravage a performers career but that’s not the road I want to go down although drug use is certainly related.

MIND CONTROL – there I’ve said it!
Actually it’s no laughing matter and appears to be rampant in the music industry. And how, you might ask, does this relate to alter egos. If you watched the previous video you experienced the transformation from young and innocent to demonic vixen. Stars like Beyonce appear in public as two separate entities, the good and the bad.

From Wikipedia:
Splitting (also called all-or-nothing thinking) is the failure in a person’s thinking to bring together both positive and negative qualities of the self and others into a cohesive, realistic whole. It is a common mechanism used by large numbers of individuals.[1] The individual tends to think in extremes (that is, another’s actions, motivations etc. are all good or all bad and there is no middle ground.)

Many performers claim that their alters do all the things that they are afraid to do or don’t have the courage to do.
She seems normal and in complete control.
How about Nicki Minaj?
Well that was interesting! Anyone else?
Obviously Britney took a detour there for a few seconds or perhaps became someone else, as she couldn’t deal with the stress, which is a trigger to split. Britney is interesting as that video was just the beginning and led to this:


A strong personality change has plagued many performers like Whitney Houston and most recently Justin Bieber on his European tour and seems to be a symptom or side affect of mind control.

Let me get back to the “ control “ side of things. Does mind control really work and are these celebrities really being controlled and why?
If you’ve seen “ The Manchurian Candidate “ then you get an idea about what might be going on here. I’m not suggesting that Andre3000 is going to wake up and kill someone but there is evidence to support mind control.

The most notorious research falls under MK-ULTRA a CIA created program that really just added to work done in WW2 by the Nazi’s. When the program was under investigation, most of the research was destroyed but a few documents still exist.

One of the documents released, from a Freedom of Information Act request, dated Jan. 7, 2005, explained the following activity being performed on two young women:

“With a section heading “Outline of Special H Cases” it describes the experimental creation of multiple personality in two 19-year old girls by the CIA. “H” is used as shorthand for hypnotic, hypnotized, or hypnotism in these documents: “These subjects have clearly demonstrated that they can pass from a fully awake state to a deep H controlled state by telephone, by receiving written matter, or by the use of code, signal, or words, and that control of those hypnotized can be passed from one individual to another without great difficulty. It has also been shown by experimentation with these girls that they can act as unwilling couriers for information purposes.”

Another even more incriminating CIA declassified document revealed the following evidence of mind control used to turn people into assassins like depicted in the movie Conspiracy Theory starring Mel Gibson:

“A declassified CIA document [8] “Hypnotic Experimentation and Research, dated February 10, 1954,” describes a simulation of relevance to the creation of unsuspecting assassins: “Miss [left out] was instructed (having previously expressed a fear of firearms in any fashion) that she would use every method at her disposal to awaken Miss [left out] (now in a deep hypnotic sleep). Failing this, she would pick up a pistol nearby and fire it at Miss [left out].

“She was instructed that her rage would be so great that she would not hesitate to “kill” [left out] for failing to awaken. Miss [left out] carried out these suggestions to the letter including firing the (unloaded) gun at [left out] and then proceeded to fall into a deep sleep. Both were awakened and expressed complete amnesia for the entire sequence. Miss [left out] was again handed the gun, which she refused (in an awakened state) to pick up or accept from the operator. She expressed absolute denial that the foregoing sequence had happened.”

There is an inference in many circles that people who engage in assassinations and random mass killings are victims of such programming and have no recollection to the deeds they have done.

Officially MK-ULTRA was terminated but then resurrected and renamed “ Monarch “ after the monarch butterfly. I’ll look more closely at butterfly imagery next week. And by the way, there is a Canadian connection to this program and MK-Ultra victims in Montreal won compensation in a court of law.

So if they haven’t been programmed to off some foreign or domestic dictator (see what I did there?) then why the programming?

It appears that these stars, these idols, are programmed so their handlers who are or work for the Illuminati can control them. If you wanted to deliver a message to millions of young people – wouldn’t mind controlled superstars be the perfect puppets and vehicles to deliver that message? And what if that message would normally be unpalatable to the general population?
I’ll just pick an agenda at random…um…how about…joining the army? Well we have all seen the ads to be all that you can be. Apparently those ads don’t appeal to enough people and enlistment is down.

General, “ now, who can we get to spread our recruitment message to the masses, we’re just about finished with the middle east and we’ll need more troops for the African Invasion! “. General’s Aide, “ Katy Perry, sir? “ General, “ perfect! “

Sounds like I’m making a joke right! I want to leave you with this music video from Katy Perry called “ Part of me “. Where is the sexy woman with blue hair and wacky dresses?

Next week: Part 3 of Devil in the Details – satanic and mind control symbolism.
Until then, “ why don’t you pass the time by playing a little solitaire. “

The devil is in the details part 1

May 15th, 2013

Whereas last week’s odd audio blog was fairly tame, this week is off the chart.
I’m sure you’re tired of your mother, grandmother or your brother the priest, who went into the seminary after the incident that we never talk about anymore, preaching about the blasphemy of rock and roll music. Blah, blah, blah Satan’s music, blah, blah burn in hell!

It’s true that there are some satanic bands out there and some that even burn churches! For more on that please watch the excellent “ Metal: A Headbangers Journey “ made by Canadians Sam Dunn, Scot McFadyen, Jessica Joy Wise in 2005. But what about the rest? Some claim that the music industry is run by the illuminati and some say that a few famous musicians actually sold their souls to the devil. So who are theses soul selling fools?

Well the first time that I ever personally heard this idea was when I got turned on to music of Robert Johnson. From Wikipedia:

Robert Leroy Johnson (May 8, 1911 – August 16, 1938) was an American blues singer and musician. His landmark recordings from 1936–37 display a combination of singing, guitar skills, and songwriting talent that has influenced later generations of musicians. Johnson’s shadowy, poorly documented life and death at age 27 have given rise to much legend, including the Faustian myth that he sold his soul at a crossroads to achieve success. As an itinerant performer who played mostly on street corners, in juke joints, and at Saturday night dances, Johnson had little commercial success or public recognition in his lifetime.

Many, many famous guitar players site him as an influence and if you haven’t heard his music, here is a brief sample…

The Faustian myth is due to the perception that he was a poor to mediocre musician until 1936 when he was most prolific and all of a sudden a technical wiz. And we all know that going off to practice for years doesn’t have the drama that selling one’s soul to the devil does. By the way, if you do want to sell your soul to the devil, here are the instructions:
1/ stand and wait at a crossroads on the full moon and bring your guitar.
2/ keep waiting until the devil arrives.
3/ the devil will ask if you want him to tune your guitar
4/ when you say, “ Hell’s yes “ then the guitar tuning seals the deal and you have sold your soul.

Easy right! By the way you will die at the age of 27!! Hint – keep that number in mind for another blog. Robert died at age 27 and was poisoned.

Right then, how about some modern examples or should I say admissions:

So what to make of all of this. If you are interested in or are a member of an organized religion then I guess the video is quite damning. If you are not then you could say its just showbiz and they are just putting on an act and trying to get media attention.
But let me ask you this – have you, dear reader, ever said, “ I sold my soul to the Devil “? I’m guessing probably not and can you imagine yourself saying so in a televised interview? Again probably not. So could there really be a satanic influence in the music industry? Stay tuned for more next week.

EL JINETE – The Rider

May 6th, 2013

This week’s odd audio blog is not so odd but a bit different in format. Last month I was involved in a project called El Jinete, which translates into The Rider. It’s the first filly-staged mariachi opera in the world featuring Los Dorados, Canada’s greatest Mariachi band. It’s a tale of love, vengeance, and the supernatural, told through classics of the Mariachi repertoire.

The show is inspired by the black & white Mariachi films from the Golden Era of Mexican cinema. It’s a chance to experience the world of Mariachi as many have never seen it – the bravura, the emotion, and the Mariachi code: that the entire point of life is to die for love.

The stars of the show are the mariachi’s and Alex Alegria, the musical director and playing the role of El Jinete, has done an amazing job assembling a stellar cast. The music is captivating and emotional and really takes you back to the era from which it originated. Like me, you are probably wanting to know more about this style of music and it might not be what you would expect. Here is a song that is part of El Jinete…

From the Times Colonist April 24, 2013

“Mariachi is a dying breed, oddly enough,” said artistic director Mercedes Bátiz-Benét. “It’s being forgotten and it’s being overtaken in Mexico by other, more modern genres.”
Mariachi is a form of Mexican folk music largely composed from the late 19th century through the mid-20th century, as rural populations moved into cities. Typical instruments include the violin, guitarrón, guitarra de golpe, vihuela, guitar, trumpet and sometimes a harp.
But even modern mariachi players have moved on from the authentic origins of the form, Bátiz-Benét said, playing updated contemporary versions of the original songs.
“There are some amazingly beautiful songs that pre-date the revolution, so those are the ones I’ve chosen,” she said. “Mariachis these days don’t even know them.”
Some of the songs in the show exist only as recordings, which Bátiz-Benét and Vancouver group Mariachi Los Dorados have been studying and transcribing into sheet music. Original composers include Jose Alfredo Jimenez and Cucu Sanchez, as well as two unknowns who would have written the songs from the barracks of the Mexican Revolution at the turn of the century, she said.
“It’s been a process of kind of rescuing the music, and I want to share that,” Bátiz-Benét said.
Mariachi Los Dorados performs the music in Spanish with English subtitles. The dialogue, which is minimal, is performed by the cast in English.
And aside from reviving mariachi, El Jinete also pays homage to the golden era of Mexican cinema from the 1920s to ’50s with a large component of black-and-white projections.

– Visual projections were created by local artist Jamie Nesbitt and his work creates a three dimensional cinematic experience where the actors can interact with themselves and other worldly environments. And with the addition of my sound design, the opera has transformed into a multimedia extravaganza –

Continued from the Times Colonist April 24, 2013

“Me and every Mexican, we grew up with those films,” said Bátiz-Benét, who grew up in Mexico City and Cuernavaca before heading to the University of Victoria for two writing degrees. “With the projections, we’re trying to make it look like we’re inside a film.”
Bátiz-Benét expects audience members of Mexican heritage will experience the show in a particular way.
“This show is for them. For the Mexican community, they will feel they are back in Mexico, they will recognize the esthetic … their heroes and their storylines told through song,” she said.
But she also hopes to share that with the unacquainted.
“It’s also an opportunity for me to share this part of our culture which is very much at the centre of our heart. Most people don’t know about that,” she said.

And the great thing about all of this is that it’s playing here in Vancouver this coming weekend at the Frederick Wood Theatre at UBC. A special shout out to Itai Erdal whose lighting design is quite magical and Flo Barrett who really went above and beyond on the costumes. And last but not least, Mercedes whose vision and talent really make this a show to remember. So come on out and make some memories…


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