Actors singing creepy songs, the 70’s and 80’s

March 11th, 2015

Actors singing creepy songs, the 70’s and 80’s
Welcome to part 2 of Actors Singing Creepy songs. This selection comes from the 1970”s/ 80’s and we move away from the lullaby and let the adults have a go.

First up is Harry Kane from the “ Poltergeist “ franchise and specifically “ Poltergeist 2: The Other Side “ from 1986. Julian Beck plays Harry Kane,
a deceased preacher and I must say he is extremely creepy and well cast – so much so that he died during filming. Fortunately the production had a lot of his scenes in the can and enlisted the help of warm and cuddly H.R. Giger to create “ the beast “ version of Kane to finish the film.
Here he is singing the hymn “ God is in his Holy Temple “…

Ever ask yourself why it’s so easy to make a hymn sound creepy? I’ll let you think about that.

Next we’ll come indoors to a nice abandoned, decrepit and isolated cabin in the woods with a dark and damp basement that just beckons you to explore without a flashlight! I mean what could possibly go wrong? This clip is from another franchise, “ The Evil Dead “ series. A 1981 cult classic and good value for jumping out of your seat scares and gross special effects. Believe it or not this film screened at the 1982 Cannes Film Festival. There was a remake in 2013 which was much tamer than the original and quite frankly a poor attempt at updating one of the blue prints of low budget horror films. But I digress and what you really want to see and hear is some creepy actor singing. Betsy Baker played the role of Linda and this is the type of song that within a very short time get’s under your skin in an annoying way.
I just love her maniacal laughter and wish I knew someone with a laugh like that so at inappropriate times I would tickle her – like at a soccer match just after the visiting side scored or at a funeral! Is that weird?

And finally for today a clip from 1977 and the wild and odd world of “ Eraserhead “. The Lady in the Radiator sings “ In Heaven “ and she was portrayed by Laurel Near who if you look on IMDB never did another movie. Much has been written about David Lynch’s first feature and it’s meanings and if you want to go deep into this song and clip then click on this link…

If you aren’t so inclined, the most common meaning I have read is that she represents the Grim Reaper which makes sense when you listen to the lyrics.

That’s it for the 70’s and 80’s, let me see what I can dig up from the 1990’s for next time. See you in Heaven.

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