The Encounter Crowd Funding Confessions Part 3

April 29th, 2015

The Encounter Crowd Funding
flying unicorn
The Encounter Crowd Funding

Today marks the mid point of my kickstarter campaign for “ The Encounter “
Such mixed emotions. I really enjoy the challenge and adventure of trying to raise $ 15000 dollars from friends, family members, colleagues and total strangers. Tweeting and blogging numerous times a day is certainly testing my creativity and so far so good on that account. And I try to make it fun when I ask people to help because it shouldn’t be hard or a chore or annoying. As I say in the promo reel – pledging money is just one way to help out, spreading the word is just as important.

I have to admit that in the past few days it’s been a struggle to “ get up for it “. The
“ it “ being reaching out and trying to get pledges. It’s been a struggle because I’m not seeing the results I need on the ole “ Pledge – o – meter. It’s been painfully slow and I anticipated being at $ 5000 at the very least by this date. Try as I might to not be invested in the outcome – I am and it’s because this is my baby, my special project. If it was someone else’s project I would do my best and at the end of the day I wouldn’t give it another thought. Not so when it’s mine own creative idea. I’m always thinking about it and ways that I could promote it and get more pledges.

So I soldier on – oh so mellow dramatic! What can I say; I’m a scriptwriter and film maker so drama is my bread and butter. Perhaps people are just being slowpokes about pledging and one day a wheelbarrow full of pledges will come my way? Or perhaps a philanthropist will read one of my witty tweets and pledge the whole amount all in one go? Or maybe a flying unicorn will land in my backyard, kneel down on its front legs, bow its head and say. “ Chris, you are the one, ride with me to Brigadoon and claim your place on the throne! “ Well any of those scenarios could happen, right?

Such is the life of crowdfunding! Two weeks to go and I have no idea where I will be at when it’s all over. Hopefully in Brigadoon you slow and cheap bastards!

The Encounter Crowd Funding Confessions

April 23rd, 2015

Crowd Funding Confessions
One week of my “ The Encounter “ kickstarter campaign gone already! Time is just flying by and I thought I would report in.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think running a campaign would take up so much of my time. Bloody Hell! It’s practically a full time job! Sending emails, press releases, tweeting! Yes my former fellow social media Luddites – I have succumbed to the world of tweeting. It’s hard to admit but I find it fun and fascinating and that’s probably because I’m running a campaign. I really don’t know how much I would tweet just as little ole me. Have to say that it’s worth it just to read Ricky Gervais!!!

Another observation is that while my social marketing time seems to fly by, the rate of donations is quite slow. I’m sure the mindset is that as there are still 3 weeks left, people will donate when they are ready – which may be the very last day. And so be it! When I started the campaign I promised myself that I would do my best, not get stressed and let the cards fall where they may.

Oh ya and the offers from companies, specializing in helping campaigners with social marketing for a cost, keep coming in. They seem to focus in on a campaigners fears. “ Oh I see that your not doing very well and you only have three weeks left – I can help you! “

Yes – help me spend my money with no guarantee that your service will help at all.


On the plus side, the feedback about my project has been very positive so I think I have a sound idea and time will tell.

Tick, tock, tick, tock, tick, tock….

The Encounter

April 16th, 2015

The Encounter
Chris's poster2
Very thrilled and excited to announce that my long awaited kickstarter campaign for the documentary ” The Encounter ” launched this week. Oh the fanfare! There was a ticker tape parade! I got the key to the city of Vancouver from the mayor! Women threw their business cards at me and winked flirtatiously! Some guy made animals out of balloons, except they all looked like wiener dogs! Yes it’s been quite a week!

Here is the link to my campaign…

The Encounter ” is a very important project for me in many ways. I know when I had the experience that I needed to create something memorable and use my artistic skill set to do so. When it occurred I was mainly a composer and sound designer and over the years I have developed as a scriptwriter, videographer, director and video editor. So now is the perfect time for me to  create this film. In my mind this project is just the beginning as I have many short film scripts just waiting for me to take them from page to screen. So this is the beginning of a new chapter in my career and I am just bursting with excitement.

If you have looked at the trailer on the kickstarter site, you know that there are two ways to help me get “ The Encounter ” off the ground. One is of course to pledge and donate funds. The other is to spread the word to your friends and colleagues. The more people who know about the project the better and I’m more likely to achieve my goal. So if you feel like helping and supporting me in one way or the other or both – well that would be grand! ” The Encounter ” is going to be a documentary like no other and very unique so get the word out!

I’m going to blog here every week of the campaign and update what has happened. After just three days the first thing that really stands out is how many companies are out there that specialize in focused social media marketing for kickstarter projects. I have been inundated with offers from these companies who set you up with access to thousands. so they claim, of people who have been interested in films like mine in the past. And of course they offer this service for a fee. If these companies really do deliver what they promise then I see their value and especially on a project with a big budget. However targeting my project with it’s rather modest budget seems a bit offside! Thoughts?

Thanks everyone for your love and support and keep spreading the word!


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