Instrumental Hits

August 5th, 2015

Instrumental Hits
Did you know that since the 90’s there have only been a handful of instrumental songs that have made it to the charts? Well it’s true. Kenny G. may have had a few since then but since this is my blog I will just ignore him.

I wonder why this is? Is it because most of what passes for music these days is formulaic crap designed to keep listeners in a trance state so they can be more easily manipulated and controlled? Well of course not! Now excuse me while I run out and buy some Air Jordan’s because I don’t want to appear different. (Miley Cyrus # 23)

Is it because instrumentalists don’t tour to flog their goods or that music execs don’t think anyone would go to the shows?

Is it because instrumental music is far more intelligent and creatively structured because the music doesn’t lean on the crutch of vocals? You bet your ass it is!!!!!

Popular music has been dumbed down year after year and its no wonder music execs have poo pooed the idea of intelligent music by obeying their controllers.

But enough whining about what I can’t change or really care to and let’s have some fun.

Way back in the 70’s, The Edgar Winter Group released a monster hit called “ Frankenstein “ (see what I did there?) I remember hearing it for the first time, one hot summer when I was just a lad. An older friend had just bought a quadraphonic stereo system and the Christening track of the new system was “ Frankenstein “. I have to say that even by today’s standards the quad system was very impressive and if you are wondering what I’m talking a bout – think surround sound but only 4 discreet channels. Anyway He played it for me and my dog who just happened to walk in at that moment. I was blown away at the writing, production and wonderful layers of early synths and guitars. The quad system allowed certain instruments to pan 360 degrees around the room which was freaky cool. Have you ever seen the RCA Victor logo of the dog looking at the speaker? That’s what my dog was doing! Ha ha He was beside himself wondering what the hell that sound was and how it was creeping around the room. Fun times in small town Ontario.

Way back in the 80’s. The Art of Noise released “ Close to the Edit “. A very clever piece and very unique at the time and a great video to boot. Some of you might be crying foul as there is some spoken word in the song but it’s not singing and is in fact sampled words.! In my opinion, Art of Noise could do no wrong and really started the experimental ball rolling. I don’t know about you but I could listen to “ Moments in Love “ for hours on end.

Way back in the 90’s..
Man I really had to do some digging to find an instrumental chart hit from the 90’s! There was Dave Stewart, of Eurythmics fame, “ Lily was Here “ but I think that must have been a more Euro thing as I don’t really remember it and I have a memory like an elephant.
So the only other instrumental song of note is the “ Theme from Mission Impossible “ that those two blocks from U2 took a stab at. No not the one who thinks he the Messiah or the one with the funny name that was cool for about a month, I mean Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen. This is a pretty good rendition of the song originally composed by Lalo Schifrin.

A short and sweet blog this week and I hope you enjoyed it!


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