Chris Hind Entertainment Productions

Music/ Sound/ Video/ Scripts

Chris Hind Entertainment Productions
Known primarily for his film scores,
Chris is also involved in other facets of the film world
including video production and scriptwriting.

Chris is an accomplished film music composer and has composed music for film, animation, documentaries. numerous plays, websites and meditation cd’s.

Chris has written 18 scripts for film, television and radio and to date has 3 production credits 1 for television and 2 for radio. Chris is currently pitching his feature length dramatic comedy script ” Play ” and has just completed the first draft of his next dramatic feature film script ” Death’s Sweet Call “. He is in the development and planning stages of a sci fi feature entitled ” Icarus ” and is writing the pilot
for a sci fi tv series called ” Conflict “.
He also writes a weekly odd audio blog on this site and each week he delves into a topic in the audio world that is somewhat ” out there ” !

Chris has produced, directed, shot and edited 18 films and is currently in pre-production for his short doc ” The Encounter ” https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Encounter/752318808215656
His youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/chrishindfilms is up and running and more films will be posted as the year progresses.


Audio Engineer,Film Music Composer, Audio Consultant, Specialty SFX Recordist, Educator(audio engineering/ sound for film/ mixing), Scriptwriter and Consultant, Film Director, Videographer,Video Editor, Video Artist