Chris’s Film Music Composer career began in the 90’s when he played guitar in 4 bands in Toronto and Vancouver. He has scored over 15 films and 25 plays and has been a professional musician for over 20 years.

Chris has his own unique style and can compose in many genres and to get a sense of this please click on Music-Mp3’s on the right hand side of the page. He is a multi-instrumentalist and plays guitar, bass, keys, percussion, oud and also sings.

As well as writing and playing music, Chris has also been a Sound Supervisor and short films and an Audio Consultant on numerous musicals.

Here are some selected highlights:
Film Music Composer and Sound Designer
Feature , Short Film and Theatre Awards

FIDDLER on the ROOF( Sound Design/ Audio Consulting Credit)
Winner — Ovation Awards 2012 Outstanding Professional Production
Also nominated for a Jessie Richardson Award

PUCKTHIS (Film Music Composer Credit)
Edmonton International Film Festival
St. Louis International Film Festival
Omaha Film Festival

SAVAGE ISLAND (Sound Design/ Mixing Credit)
Winner — The Maniac Award for Best Feature Film 2003
Winner — SHOCKERFEST 2003 Best Horror Feature Film
Winner — FRIGHT-FEST 2003 The Film Threat Award for Best Feature
Winner — Strasbourg, France BEST FICTION FILM 2003

AFTER ATE (Sound Supervisor/ Designer & Music Supervisor Credit)
Winner — Victoria 2003 Zombie Film Festival

DUALITY (Film Music Composer/Sound Design Credit)
New York Short Film Festival 2010
Big Bear Horror Film Festival 2009
Festival de Cine Internacional de Paris 2009
Calgary Fringe Film Festival 2007
Sacramento Horror Film Festival 2007
Washington State S.U.R.G.E. Film Festival 2008
Toronto Planet in Focus film Festival 2008
Washougal Film Festival 2008

WANTING THE WINE (Film Music Composer/Sound Design Credit)
Bravo Television

Film Music Composer Relevant Skills:

Video Installation Artist 2011 to present
Film/ Video Director  2006 to present
Audio Consultant 2008 to present
Instructor – Audio for Video 2006/ 2008
Senior Instructor – Audio Post Production 2001 to 2004
Film Music Composer 1997 to present
Sound Designer 1997 to present
Scriptwriter 1995 to present

Professional Development:

Hot Docs 2009
Sean Callery Scoring  Workshop 2009
Mychael Danna Scoring Workshop 2008
Introduction to African Drumming, Fana Soro, Vancouver 2000
SEARCH Program, Vancouver Cultural Alliance 1998
Guitar Synthesis Workshop, Tom Lee Music, Vancouver 1997