Main Creative Services


Main Creative Services

Chris has been a film music composer since 1999 and also worked in radio, television and theatre.
In terms of style, he is well versed in many genres and it really depends on what the project requires and what the director or producer is looking for. For example, on a theatre project Chris was asked to create guitar tracks as if he was a junkie stoned on heroin – like the heroine in the play. On another project about the Burqa in the middle-east, he used hand drums, flutes and the oud to give it that desert like quality.

In the video world, Chris directs, produces, shoots(HD), edits and writes. He has created documentaries, short drama, video installation art and educational series.

Chris has been a scriptwriter for many years and written over 18 scripts and Chris has two radio credits and 1 television credit so far. Genres that Chris has written in include: Comedy, Horror, Sci Fi and Drama and he has written feature length, shorts, television, radio and animation. Chris is receptive to collaborations, editing and consulting requests. A few years ago he was a biological consultant on the feature film ” The Thaw ” which was great fun and he’d love to work on similar projects.


Audio Engineer,Film Music Composer, Audio Consultant, Specialty SFX Recordist, Educator(audio engineering/ sound for film, mixing), Scriptwriter and Consultant, Film Director, Videographer,Video Editor,  Video Artist