Composer Reel

January 16th, 2017

Chris Hind Composer Reel 2017
I think it extremely important to let you see how my music works with the visual images from the most recent films that I have scored.

My 2017 Composer Reel features clips from:

Unveiled – The Kohistan Video Scandal ” Directed by Brishkay Ahmed, ChitChat Productions
Kin ” Directed by Jaspreet Kaur, NetHorizons Productions
The Metamorphosis of a Vampire ” Directed by Chris Hind, Chris Hind Entertainment Productions
The Story of Burqa ” Directed by Brishkay Ahmed, ChitChat Productions
Where are the children of the Rainforest ” Directed by Chris Hind, Chris Hind Entertainment Productions

Composer Demo 2017 from Chris Hind on Vimeo.


Wonderfully Odd Film Scores

October 26th, 2016

Wonderfully Odd Film Scores
I was fortunate enough to see 4 very good films at the Vancouver Film Festival which just finished here in Vancouver. What are the odds of me or anyone seeing four films that were either 4 or 5 stars out of 5? Astronomical I would think.
Today, I want to talk about 3 film composers that you may not have heard about. Their scores are haunting and not traditional in any sense and in fact break a lot of the rules which I always enjoy and encourage in others. After all, no sense in having rules, if you can’t break them. Rules were meant to be broken.
I’m also a bit tired of the big orchestra extravaganzas of Hans Zimmer and Howard Shore for example. Don’t get me wrong, I love them and their music but the ocean of music is more than just gentle surf in the sunset – it’s deep and it’s dark and unknown pleasures lurk in the shadows.
One of my favorite films of the festival was “ The Girl with all the Gifts “ which hasn’t been released domestically but I assure you it will and will kill at the box office. No worries, I’m not about to spoil it for you by giving away the ending when the “ girl “ gets a pony for her birthday. Kidding! It’s actually a kitten and a pony! More kidding!
Anyway, the score by Cristobal Tapia de Veer is delightful and as an underscore it accomplishes it’s task perfectly by supporting the visuals and not taking a staring role. Creepy and messed up – well those who know me will understand why I’m gushing. Here’s a sneak peak…

I highly recommend seeing the film. A unique new twist on a tired genre.

The next two scores are not from VIFF 2016 but are from films in the past couple of years.

“ Under the Skin “ scored by Mica Levi is a very odd sci fi film staring Scarlett Johansen. Terrific film and as would only be appropriate, the music burrows under your skin and undulates up your neck. Great score and the combination of electronics and acoustic instruments like viola is unnerving.

And last but not least “ Ex Machina “ scored by Portishead’s Geoff Barrow and composer Ben Salisbury. I really like this score because of the restraint used by the composers in terms of instrumentation and complexity of the music. That’s not to say that the music is not complex – it is in a gentle wash of sound way. The beauty of the music is how it sits in the film and how appropriate it is to the story and Ava.

Okay, that’s it! Get off your couch and get into a proper film theatre and see movies as they are meant to be seen and heard. And for God’s sake –don’t watch films on your phone!

Updates coming soon

July 18th, 2016

Hello Everyone:

It’s been sometime since I posted anything new but fear not updates are coming very soon.

Well as soon as ” Duck Dynasty ” marathon is over!


Death is not the end.

January 12th, 2016

Death is not the end.

kurt Cobain memorial at Seattle center (4/10/1994)

kurt Cobain memorial at Seattle center (4/10/1994)

Death is not the end.

Quite an odd audio introduction to 2016 what with the death of Lemmy and the Thin White Duke. I enjoyed their time here on earth. Lemmy playing his bass like a rhythm guitar and not losing himself in the crassness of idolatry. I remember watching a doc about a Motorhead tour of Germany and thought it was great that he sat by himself on the tour bus and didn’t fraternize with his band mates. I probably would have done the same if given the opportunity. What I didn’t and don’t like is the moronic glorification of his alcoholism! Let’s face it, he was an alcoholic who decided to dive into a bottle rather than take care of himself and the issues that troubled him.
And David Bowie, well what more needs to be said! I have seen many live shows in my time and was fortunate enough to see the Heroes tour. An amazing 3-hour long musical delight!

And so my first blog of 2016 is focused upon death. There can be no life without death and really it’s not the end but another door opening. Don’t fret, I don’t have a terminal disease and this is my cryptic way of telling you I’m dying – I’m not.

But what’s all the fuss about a few dead rock stars?
Beats me! And I could end the blog right there. But I won’t because I’m interested in finding out why?

Perhaps Lemmy and David Bowie changed the world?

Lemmy? Well I’m sure his music made more than a few head bangers very happy and although not world changing – it’s still a good thing. Why I’m sure some of you reading this blog may have been conceived while your parents banged more than their heads listening to Ace of Spades. Psssst, the hint is that you were named Lemmy, Ace or some variation thereof. For example, Lemmina, Lemmona if you’re a woman or Lemmington if you’re a proper English gentleman.

David? Perhaps! His music made even more people happy and a greater musical chameleon never lived. One could say that he even crossed racial boundaries when he tested the waters with “ Golden Years “. However, if he did indeed do any world changing, it was in sexuality.
Bisexuality, androgyny and cross dressing – David Bowie wasn’t afraid of exploration or ridicule and the British press lapped it up – mongrels that they are – like a dropped ice cream cone on a hot summers day. And to his young sexually confused and repressed fans he must have seemed like the second coming – as he publicly flaunted their inner most and secret desires.

So perhaps the music or persona of David Bowie changed a few lives but he certainly didn’t change mine. And perhaps that’s the crux of this blog about why all the fuss over a few dead rock stars.
I keep hearing people say, “ heard about David Bowie? Sad isn’t it? “
Well no not in the least.
He was a person just like you and me. A non-perfect fallible person who had good days and bad days and his own obstacles and demons to deal with. He created some great music and that music will be around for as long as we want to listen to it.

Why shed a tear for someone you’ve never met and who didn’t know you? People need role models. I get that and I have people that I study and try and figure out just how they got to the place I want to get to. But I don’t idolize them. I don’t hold vigils with thousands of others when they blow themselves away with shotguns or slowly drink themselves to death or any other means of self-destruction. You want a great role model – look to the left and look to the right of you – whether you’re in a café, on the street or in the subway – they are all around you!

Admiration is a positive trait but idolatry certainly isn’t. I admire the music of David Bowie and Lemmy and shall continue to enjoy them for years to come. The fact that they are no longer on the earth plane masters not.

A few more rock stars are dead and that’s life!

Song of the week – Devil Fish

November 12th, 2015

Devil Fish
Devil Fish

I’m currently doing a re-write on a feature film script of mine set in Iceland. Orca’s figure prominently in the film and not so long ago they were called Devil Fish as. people knew so little about orca’s that they believed if you ever fell into the ocean that the Devil Fish would eat you.

This original composition reminded me of orca’s doing their thing in the ocean depths like gliding effortlessly through the water and chasing fish and seals.

Hope you enjoy it and thanks for stopping by.