September 15th, 2014


Chris has unique and “out there” ideas that cross genres from Sci-Fi to Thriller. The story he has worked on diligently through 3 drafts has taken the script into other dimensions and realms not typically explored. He has the potential for a blockbuster in the psychological/psychic thriller he is writing.”

Jacqueline Forster. Owner – Life 101 Script Development Ltd.

The first script that I wrote, “ Awakening “ was a spec script for the X-Files. Being an adventurous guy and a risk taker – I tracked down Kim Manners, R.I.P. who at the time was a Director and Producer on the show. He called me directly and told me that he had read it, loved it and wanted to shoot it. I said to myself, ” could it really be this easy? “. The only obstacle were the Executive Producers in Los Angeles to whom I sent said script and alas they passed on ” Awakening “. Buoyed by Kim Manners kind words and excitement about my writing, I soon wrote another spec and this time for The Outer Limits. It seemed I was on a roll and I managed to get ” Worth ” directly into the hands of Producer, Brent Clackson. Imagine my joy when I returned home one day to find Brent on my answering machine saying how he had read the script, loved it and wanted to produce it! Once again, the only obstacle were the Executive Producers of the show and once again they passed. So close! So very very close!

Since those early days I have written, produced and directed two radio plays for CBC Radio and sold “ The Raccoon “ to Joel Wertman at Mustard Pancake Productions. And most recently I have utilized my previous biological work experience and consulted on the feature film, “ The Thaw “, for Anagram Pictures.

To date I have written 18 scripts. Number 17, ” Death’s Sweet Call ” has been completed as a first draft and I am also creating a science fiction television series, ” Conflict ” and have the pilot and first two episode story lines roughed out. Script number 18 is a sci fi feature entitled ” Icarus ” and I’m currently feeling out the characters and developing the story.

For any script info, please email me directly. You can also see my script cv on the left hand side of this website.


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