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Chris Hind

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 “ Chris has worked for me many times on my documentary and dramatic film projects. Most recently he sound edited my documentary “ Reclaiming Rights “ and scored and sound designed my Bravo short “ Wanting the Wine “. His skills recording dialogue, composing music, sound designing and sound editing are exceptional and I have been consistently impressed with the results. Chris’s professional attitude, attention to detail and deadline and his amicable personality make him a valuable addition to any film project. I highly recommend him because he is a joy to work with." 

Director/ Producer Brishkay Ahmed, ChitChat Productions, Digital Warriors Productions



Chris has been a professional musician for the past 20 years, performed in four bands and has scored over 15 films, many of which, have been screened in film festivals in Canada, U.S.A., Europe and Asia. He has also worked on 26 plays, video games, sound designed 3 feature films and created two radio-plays for CBC Radio.

Chris has been commissioned to create music and audio installations by the Mascot Gold Mine in Hedley, BC, Public Dreams in Vancouver and The City of Surrey.

Composer Reel

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 “ Chris is a creative open-minded open-hearted talented patient and focused artist in whatever medium he is working in but especially film. Couldn't recommend him more. “

Chad Hershler, Executive and Artistic Director of deer crossing the art farm



Chris has created 13 films, most of which he has produced and directed. His films have been exhibited at the Sechelt Festival of the Arts, café for contemporary art, Vancouver, BC, The Vancouver Cultural Centre, Vancouver Film School and the Synchronicity Festival in Gibson’s, BC. Chris’s radio plays, “ Zoe “ and “ Sanctuary “ which he produced, directed and wrote for the CBC, have been broadcast nationwide.


He is currently working on a documentary “ The Encounter “ as producer/director which is now in the editing stage.

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The Encounter Teaser

Director/ Videographer Reel




” Chris has unique and “out there” ideas that cross genres from Sci-Fi to Thriller. The story he has worked on diligently through 3 drafts has taken the script into other dimensions and realms not typically explored. He has the potential for a blockbuster in the psychological/psychic thriller he is writing.”

Jacqueline Forster. Owner – Life 101 Script Development Ltd.



“ Beyond our expectations! “ is a response Chris hears over and over again! He hears it from clients just after he delivers the music, script or film he created - for their project.  And when he hears those words, he knows they will collaborate again. Their instinct to trust one another was heartfelt.

Chris doesn’t work on every project that comes his way.  Every creative collaboration is like any relationship. Can he communicate with this person? Do they hear him and do they listen?  Is their project of interest to him and is he excited enough to support their creative vision? Is there opportunity to take risks to push the project to new creative heights?

Chris ‘main areas of focus are original music creation, scriptwriting and film and video production. His unique style, passion, talent and experience have set him far apart from the rest. A shining beacon of original creativity in the vast fog laden ocean of mediocrity.


Chris has envisioned and written 18 scripts for film, television and radio and to date has 3 production credits 1 for television ( Mustard Pancakes Productions ) and 2 for CBC Radio ( ZOE and Sanctuary ).

He is also an instructor and mentor at Troubadour Mentoring.

Selected Feature Loglines:


The Sailor, a vengeful spirit, befriends and helps a despondent young shaman who turns to science to create the Interface and hurdle the language barrier between humans and orcas. Together they must derail the Navy’s plans to incorporate the device into a Marine Mammal Weapons Program.

Death’s Sweet Call:

A disillusioned music producer discovers and falls for a shy young street urchin with an angelic voice who can only sing when possessed by Lilith. He plots to gain her trust and exploit her talent but can he sink to such moral depravity to rescue his career.


On a lush Eden-like planet, the daily routine of a young, loyal game warden is disrupted when aliens crash-land. Ordered to eliminate the threat by his superiors, he begins to question his loyalty and their wisdom when the “ aliens “ turn out to be just like him.


Photo By: Angela Fama Photography



Film Music Composition

Music Supervision

Sound Design

Audio Consulting

Specialty SFX Recording

Education(audio engineering/ sound for film/ re-recording mixing)


Film Direction


Video Editing

Video Art







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