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      Chris Hind
Entertainment Productions

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Chris has been a professional musician for the past 23 years, performed in four bands and has scored over 20 films, many of which, have been screened in film festivals in Canada, U.S.A., Europe and Asia. He has also worked on 26 plays, video games, sound designed 3 feature films and created two radio-plays for CBC Radio.

Chris has been commissioned to create music and audio installations by the Mascot Gold Mine in Hedley, BC, Public Dreams in Vancouver and The City of Surrey.



Current Scores:

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Fatima In Kabul  (2021)

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In The Rumbling Belly of Motherland (2021)

Reelworld Film Festival 2021 Award Winner
Outstanding Feature Film
Standout Feature Producer
RIFFA 2021 Award Winner
Canadian Documentary Long Form
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The Encounter (2021)



Chris has created 13 films, most of which he has produced and directed. His films have been exhibited at the Sechelt Festival of the Arts, café for contemporary art, Vancouver, BC, The Vancouver Cultural Centre, Vancouver Film School and the Synchronicity Festival in Gibson’s, BC. Chris’s radio plays, “ Zoe “ and “ Sanctuary “ which he produced, directed and wrote for the CBC, have been broadcast nationwide.


His current documentary “ The Encounter “ was selected for the First Hermetic International Film Festival in Venice, Italy August 07 to 14, 2021.



Current Releases:

FHIFF Laurel Official Selected - White.png
The Encounter (2021)
Filmmaker and multimedia artist, Chris Hind, turns the camera on himself as he investigates his incredible paranormal and spiritual experience into the unknown. (currently in festival circuit)


Wolf of the Sea
A giant wolf stirs up forgotten secrets as he interrogates an elderly sculptor/fisherman on the last day of his life.


Chris has envisioned and written 18 scripts for film, television and radio and to date has 3 production credits: 1 for television ( Mustard Pancakes Productions ) and 2 for CBC Radio ( ZOE and Sanctuary ).



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Chris has been dubbed the Canadian Clint Eastwood and the John Carpenter of the icy North. Not by any film critics but by his very knowledgeable brother bribed by very expensive single-malt scotch.  

His most memorable experience thus far has been music and sound editing a season of the UK series ‘Naked Attraction’ on subcontract for Big World Sound. The TV series where men and women choose their next date based on what contestants ‘junk’ looks like. Needless to say, it was hard to concentrate!

Chris tells stories in many different mediums and thus the reference to Eastwood and Carpenter - the masters of multi-tasking! He is a published author (C.M.Hindmarsh THE FORGOTTEN), he’s sold a TV script, his radio-plays ‘Zoe’ and ‘Sanctuary’ air frequently and nationally on CBC radio, his music scores have featured in over 25 plays and many films and videos including ‘Unveiled: The Kohistan Video Scandal’, his documentary ‘Synchronicity’ has been screened at many venues in British Columbia and the feature film ‘Savage Island’ that he co sound designed has won 4 horror film festivals in the US. Chris has also spent significant time performing on stage having played in four bands.

He really likes the adage that “you can’t know a subject fully until you’ve taught it” and to that end Chris has taught at Vancouver Film School and many other post secondary venues.

Is there anything Chris can’t do? “No!”, according to his brother, now pleasantly pissed on said very expensive single-malt scotch.

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A despondent young shaman and inventor of the Interface, a device facilitating communication between humans and orcas, joins forces with a vengeful spirit to derail the Navy’s Marine Mammal Weapons Program.


Desperate to rescue his career, a disillusioned music producer preys on a

gifted young street urchin who can only sing when possessed by Celtic goddess Brigid.


A curious alien parasite infiltrates NOAH, a badly damaged terran starship crewed by battle-worn mercenaries, and conducts a series of trials to investigate the warring nature of humanity.

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ICARUS (Feature)

When aliens crash-land on a lush Eden-like planet, an exemplary game warden questions his loyalty when ordered to eliminate the survivors who look just like him.


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